A life spent to develop
content that connects
people with ideas
publishers with audiences
brands with customers

Roots in the media industry, background as a product manager,
transitioned later to content leadership roles
at the intersection between publishers and brands,
audience development and brand building.

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Like music, digital content is everywhere. But to make it sound good (not noise but joy) you need to know how to let the pieces play together: content, channels, experience.

That is what I do for a living, and my reason to exist: I orchestrate digital content to serve customers, develop audiences, build brands across their digital journeys. With quality media, relevant stories and responsibly designed products.


I worked both on the product side and the editorial side of content: I developed successful digital news products (Mediaset), led the digital transformation of traditional publishers (De Agostini), managed and grew global media outlets (Red Bull Media House), optimised editorial, marketing and brand-building content for corporates and startups.

With a focus on organisational development, I hired, managed and coached large international teams of creators, editors and communication pros, designers and data analysts.

As a product owner, I acted on behalf of audiences and customers to develop for them the best editorial experiences.

As a technology-savvy media professional, I covered content and digital asset management, editorial workflows and setup brand governance systems.


As an in-house manager, I lead transformation programs encompassing content, product, technology and organisation - that put editorial content at the core. My focus lies on owned media management and direct-to-consumer models. I also cover brand building and healthy ways to use content for marketing and customer experience.

As an advisor, I provide focused support for solving issues, optimising processes or adjusting strategies with a data-driven, audience-research-based approach and zero overheads: less PowerPoint, more actionable insights and clear directions. I work to help companies, brands and organizations to grow their skills, capabilities and internal culture of content, helping to think and act as publishers , not as "marketers that use content": my point of view, here.

As an independent publisher, I run Media Republik, a newly launched outlet delivering news, numbers, reports and insights about the German media, selected and curated for an international audience. Starting from the numbers, delving into the trends, Media Republik is a companion guide to German media developed for media professionals. A weekly newsletter digest lets you keep your finger on the pulse.



Berlin (Deutschland) is my basecamp. Europe is my professional playground and my sentimental Heimat. Italy, my roots. I fluently speak and write English, German, Italian. I am also making my first steps in modern Hebrew: slowly but steadily.


I am a media professional, a media lover, a news freak and a creator. I put my hands on the content, on the system and on the platforms that I coordinate. Spending my time to create and tell stories, I contribute to networks and as a columnist. You can read some of my writings on, the blog where I keep exploring the driving forces reshaping media, publishing and the creative industries.


In 2020 I started an editorial project for Italians: in “Tedeschi ma non troppo”, I combine news and personal stories to foster a better understanding of a country, Germany, that Italians and their media too often represented through the lens of commonplaces. To read and subscribe, click here. Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin: always happy to exchange views and knowledge.


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