A digital content

Living at the intersection between publishers and brands, content and product.


Like music, digital content is everywhere. But to make it sound good – not noise but joy – you need to know how to let the pieces play together.

That is what I do for a living, and my reason to exist: I orchestrate digital content to build brands, develop audiences, and serve customers across their digital journeys with quality media, relevant stories, and meaningful communications.


From strategy to execution, I cover the full content value chain, from audience research to ideation to distribution, working across the whole PESO – owned, earned, paid, search and social media-.

I hire talents and creators, develop teams and networks. I do and support the doers. Technology is part of my equation, too.

I worked for global brands like Red Bull, regional media leaders like Mediaset, new ventures and private equity. I have seen many worlds and made some things happen.


Interim management

As a manager, I lead corporate transformation programs that put editorial content at the core of their marketing strategies:

✔️ I build brand newsrooms from scratch and reorganize existing content teams.

✔️ I review and align the internal content operations to let the organization better exploit internal skills.

✔️ I help organizations develop virtual newsrooms and select the right external partners to create, orchestrate and activate content.

✔️ I develop holistic content strategies to cover the entire customer journey, from awareness to conversion, retention, advocacy and expansion.

✔️ I help marketers to translate their brand strategy into a full content strategy, by: 🏷️ auditing the brand proposition, strategic messages, perception; 🏷️ creating the content portfolio strategy: themes, topics, formats and media types; 🏷️ orchestrating content across channels and touchpoints (channel strategy); 🏷️ developing the measurement framework to test the impact of content.


Narrower and time-limited interventions that focus on specific content-related issues:

✔️ Brand governance: tools, guidelines, brand concierge to help brand marketers and content makers to deliver consistent messages (that might include an eye on UX copy and transactional content as well).

✔️ Content audit. I start from the expected outcome, go back to the content sources and review the program execution. Provide directions and actions to fix both the immediate issues and long term action plan. 

✔️ Format development and strategic content design: a structured approach to content ideation based on modularity, atomization, feasibility (sourcing, international deployment) and back to DAM and CMS (content structure, metadata and taxonomy).

✔️ Support to optimize the content tech stack: from audit to vendor selection, covering DAM, BAM, CMS, SMM, CALENDARS and PLANNING tools. A bridge between marketers and platform managers, acting as a Product Owner.

✔️ Content strategies for specific programs focused on owned media, direct-to-consumer channels, and earned media.

Media making and partnerships

As a media executive with a background in broadcasting and publishing, I am also a creator, a contributing editor, an evangelist and an (equity) partner for innovators.

With my writings and appearances, I am on a mission to promote a better digital ecosystem. As many now in the world, I strive to correct the malfunctioning of the attention economy. I do that, driven by some beliefs:

✔️ For publishers, it is time to stop being subject to GAFA and social media. They shall, instead, engage audiences more directly and more meaningfully. It means, too, I believe in the future of subscription-based models, at one condition. 👉 Instead of rushing into installing paywalls, publishers should take time to align content and product on a robust value proposition and a healthy way to develop an audience into engaged visitors and happy subscribers. I can help. 

✔️ For creators, this is the moment to get out of the marketplaces where they become "intellectual gigs". New creator platforms make that possible: instead of accumulating millions of views that only platform owners can monetize, creators can focus on delivering value, not eyeballs, and have full control over what they offer and how to monetize it. We call this a new paradigm: the passion economy.

✔️ For brands, it is time to care more about the context where customers see their messages, and less on audience profiled and programmatically targeted (often with low-quality ads). In the post-third-party cookie world, quality content can thrive. But brands have to use that as a value per se, as a service and a relationship builder. They shall give customers good reasons to come to them, and good reasons to get back. Not click baits. They shall act like publishers, or, better, become publishers. Let us talk on how to make it happen. 


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